Another Bad Journalist Examines the Paleo Diet

Another article has come out attempting to discredit the Paleo diet, this time in The Atlantic. If you can get all the way through it without your blood pressure and cortisol rising, you’re have more patience than I do.

Let’s address some of the shoddy scholarship.

Life Expectancy

The author credits agriculture for increases in lifespan. Is this true? I became very interested in the issue of lifespan over a year ago and set out to look at US longevity figures myself (US National Center for Health Statistics. National Vital Statistics Reports, Births: Fina Data for 2004).

Here are some life expectancy figures to chew on.

paleolithic: 30
1900: 47.3
1915: 54.5
1940: 62.9
2002: 77.3


Infant mortality has dropped like a stone. Between 1915 and 2002, 6 of the 22.8 years of gain in life expectancy are due to reduction in infant mortality alone. Undoubtedly, …

Modern Paleo: Paleo-O-Rama

  • My paleo buddy Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal was recently interviewed by Jimmy Moore. I’ve not yet had a chance to listen to it, but I’m eager to do so. Go check it out!
  • Dr. Eades hit the ball out of the park with Dining Out and Bad Fats. It starts with a funny story of restaurant disaster — and ends with an alarming look at what you’re ingesting when you dine out. It’s bad enough that canola oil — with that delectable “antifoaming agent” — is standard for salad dressings and light frying. That’s a good dose of pro-inflammatory omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, plus some artificial trans fats. Even worse is the partially hydrogenated canola oil used for deep fat frying. With that, you get omega-6s oxidized by the high heat, as well as a whopping dose of artificial trans fats.Before we switched to a paleo diet, Paul and

Question of the Week: Paleo for Seniors

This week’s “Paleo Question of the Week” was suggested by a reader. It is:

If you’re over 70, how has paleo worked for you? (Or, if an older relative or friend of yours eats paleo, how has it worked for them?)

We want to hear your answer in the comments! You’re also welcome to post a comment or question on any other paleo-related topic.

If you’d like to submit a question for an upcoming question of the week, please e-mail me.

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