Modern Paleo: Breastfeeding and the Paleo Child

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This post is going to do two things. First, I am going to tell you why I think breastfeeding (especially, “extended” breastfeeding) is a perfect match with the paleo lifestyle, both from the perspective of the baby’s health and the mom’s. Then, I am going to provide a fairly extensive series of links so that you can look into this further, especially if you want to see lots of references for the claims in the first part.

First, let me say that I know that not all mothers are able to breastfeed. If a mom *cannot* breastfeed, then I am so happy that we have formula so that her baby can continue to thrive. I would suggest that anyone who might need formula and is into paleo eating look at the formula recipes from the Weston A. Price Foundation: I do not endorse

Ethnic Paleo–Indian Style

Just wanted to share some basic recipes I use which keeps paleo simple
without sacrificing variety. Good if you’re getting bored of making
chili or bun-less hamburgers or if you just want a break from the
crockpot special. Cook time is pretty short too.


Ground beef + basic curry powder containing coriander, red chilies,
tumeric, cumin, black pepper, and fenugreek.


This can be bought in any Indian store or the ethnic section of a
decent grocery market. Buy them in bulk. I paid a little over $5/lb
for the spice. I bought 7oz packages (that’s the largest I’ve seen
around here), and they go a long way. Two bags of spice should last
you for a month, unless you like really strong flavors. Considering
what it costs in the little bottles, that’s a great price. You don’t
need much. One to two TBS per lb of ground beef

Question of the Week: Paleo Cravings

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