Happy Second Birthday, Modern Paleo!

Happy Second Birthday, Modern Paleo! You launched on March 15, 2010… we’ve learned tons since then… and you’ve grown into something pretty awesome!

My particular thanks to Christian Wernstedt of Vital Objectives for editing the Modern Paleo Blog, as well as to the blog writers for their fabulous slew of posts.

Also, Modern Paleo runs six e-mail lists. They’ve tended to be a bit quiet, but I’ve found them to be an excellent resource when I’ve got a question. So my many thanks to the list managers for making the lists run smoothly. The lists are:

  • PaleoBloggers: PaleoBloggers is an informal private mailing list for bloggers who adhere to and advocate a broadly paleo approach to nutrition, fitness, medicine, and supplementation. Its basic purpose is to facilitate communication about matters of mutual interest — such as blogworthy links, the paleo carnival, upcoming events, posts of interest, and best blogging

Colorado Paleo Wanderers

I’m pleased to announce that Erin Ong of Nourished Meadow has organized a paleo/primal hike and picnic for Sunday August 29th at 9 am at Mt Falcon Park, just west of Denver. All the details are posted to meetup.com. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. You should bring a paleo/primal lunch, plus plenty of water.

I’ll be there, and I’m excited to meet some of the local paleos that I’ve been chatting with on Twitter and elsewhere.

Even if you can’t attend this event, you can sign up for announcements of other Colorado paleo meetups by joining Colorado Paleo Wanderers.

I know that New York City has an active paleo meetup, and I’ve heard talk about others lately. That’s a great development, so please post links to any active groups in the comments!

Modern Paleo

Paleo for kids

After reading about the dangers of protein to kids at PerfectHealthDiet, I understood why I have been struggling in feeding my kids meat. I was already coming to the conclusion that there need to be a variety of vegetables on the tables for kids to choose from in order to have a happy and peaceful family meal. Now I understand why.

In brief, breast milk is composed of 7% of protein. Increasing protein to even as much as 9% in formula leads to problems. Cordain recommends limiting protein to no more than 20-25% of caloric intake for pregnant women.

So how much is exactly right for kids? There isn’t enough evidence to suggest a specific number, but it is clear that they should not eat any more than they are willing and happy to do. This means, no brow-beating them into finishing their meat or clearing their plate. Presented with …

Modern Paleo: My Paleo Kid

There has been some talk on OEvolve about how to help kids transition to a paleo diet with their parents, and the suggestions have been really helpful. But, I thought it might be useful to hear about how paleo works when you do it from the beginning, or at least how it worked for us. As a disclaimer, we are not 100%. We eat tons of things in our family that are not good for us, but we try to minimize those things and we know what things are bad when we eat them. 🙂

Livy (who is six) started her paleo journey in the womb. While I was pregnant with Livy, I ate meat, veggies, raw dairy including loads of butter, bone broths, some raw liver in smoothies, and cod liver and butter oil. I also ate some crap, but I did pretty well over all. Livy was breastfed …