Paleo and Your Gut

The paleo diet is really a template for what eating should look like for a hypothetical human being. Paleo is about not putting things in your body that evolutionarily your body wouldn’t have anticipated. We evolved over a long period of time with the foods available to us in our environment. The more we change away from that the less our body is going to seamlessly tolerate those foods – leading to gut health issues that can contribute to other health conditions. 


Despite this, paleo is not a one size fits all diet. There’s lots of variation within it because everyone is different and their bodies tolerate foods differently. Some people thrive on a plant-based diet, other people thrive on a carnivorous diet and most people are somewhere in between. One of the things you need to be mindful of when you’re instituting a diet like paleo is how

Anti Inflammatory Spices that Work for Me

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Anti-inflammatory spices that I’ve found helpful for my athletic wear and tear have become some of my most precious remedies for my own arthritis relief. For some of these, it takes a while to build up enough of their components in your system to actually decrease your inflammation, but after experiencing the relief from them, I have to impress upon you that is definitely worth the wait. I have found that using the bulk powder versions of some of these is by far the most effective.


I refer to this precious spice as “powdered gold”, and that’s precisely how I feel about it. I proved the effectiveness of this spice to myself a couple of times over by stopping it’s daily use. The difference is remarkable, so the last time I put myself through that will be just that….the last time. It’s not worth the pain involved to …