Paleo Lifestyle 101

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Are you trying to get healthy and maybe lose some weight? Maybe you’ve heard of half a dozen diet plans, but none seem like the right fit for you. Fret not. I am here to explain the basics of the paleo lifestyle, which is a fantastic and healthy way to go about life. It might be the perfect choice for you, so read on for a solid introduction.

Forget about Processed Foods

The paleo lifestyle is all about eating the way “primal people” ate years and years ago before processed foods came into existence. People who eat paleo resist processed foods. That means muffins, ice cream, sodas, crackers, cereals, and other foods with many ingredients are out of the picture. Processed foods tend to have ingredients that are harmful to your body, such as preservatives and high sugar content. Paleo is all about simplifying meals and snacks only to