The Paleolithic diet – Eat like a caveman and lose weight

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Eat like your ancestors

Obesity is a rising problem throughout the western world. We are all busy so we grab something that is easy and fast. Some of us find Fast Food cheaper, so we consume that instead.
And that is a problem because it is not natural for us to eat salty food and drink soft drinks packed with sugar.

The reason that sugar is not good for us, is that we haven’t been consuming it for enough time for our systems to get used to it. So if you eat a lot of sugar during the day, you will sometimes experience ups and downs. First, you feel energized and then you will get drowsy. That’s you need more sugar to become energized again.

Eat like your Ancestors 

The bad news is that there are a lot of things our bodies haven’t gotten accustomed to because we humans haven’t …