Natural Digestive Benefits of Greek Yogurt – Chico alternative medicine

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There are many yogurt choices available for consumers today. It’s not as simple of a choice as it used to be, light, fat free, fruit, plain—so many things to think of when buying yogurt. Some nutrient food labeling includes vitamins, omega-3, and now– probiotics. Whatever it’s called, it’s one of the best healthy choices available.

Yogurt created naturally          
Yogurt is made into a healthy food by adding pasteurized milk to yogurt, and adding cultured bacteria. Lacid acid is created when the bacteria acts on the milks natural sugar, giving Greek Yogurt that thick creamy texture, and consistency with a delicious tangy taste. Live or active are used to describe the list of nutritional ingredients, and the bacteria to consumers. Yogurt is meant to be refrigerated, and eaten soon after opening.

Flavor enhancers for yogurt
Most of us eat flavored yogurts containing fruit, and sugar in the ingredients, there may …