Another Paleo-Friendly Snack

As a follow-up to my post on paleo-friendly snacks, I wanted to mention the new AMRAP Refuel bars.

I received two free samples a while back. They’re a dense and chewy bar with a nutty flavor. They don’t have any aftertaste. They’re perfectly paleo.

Another Paleo-Friendly Snack

I prefer to eat my own homemade snacks whenever possible, but I do rely on such pre-made snacks when I’m in a terrible rush. I keep a few on hand in my car and truck for whenever I find myself unexpectedly stuck somewhere, exhausted and hungry. (It’s just not helpful for my recovery from adrenal insufficiency for me to grit my teeth and endure that.)

The AMRAP bars are a bit pricey, but they’re substantial. For some, they’d be a good option. You can read about and order them here.

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