Anti Inflammatory Spices that Work for Me

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Anti-inflammatory spices that I’ve found helpful for my athletic wear and tear have become some of my most precious remedies for my own arthritis relief. For some of these, it takes a while to build up enough of their components in your system to actually decrease your inflammation, but after experiencing the relief from them, I have to impress upon you that is definitely worth the wait. I have found that using the bulk powder versions of some of these is by far the most effective.


I refer to this precious spice as “powdered gold”, and that’s precisely how I feel about it. I proved the effectiveness of this spice to myself a couple of times over by stopping it’s daily use. The difference is remarkable, so the last time I put myself through that will be just that….the last time. It’s not worth the pain involved to slip on it’s use. This is a valuable spice for me. My nutritionist also informed me that by using just a pinch of pepper with your turmeric, you make your turmeric much more bioavailable.


Ginger powder is my other most valued spice. I mix ½ teaspoon of this spice with ½ teaspoon of turmeric for, what I find to be the most effective decrease in arthritis symptoms. I’ve made the mistake of taking ginger without turmeric, or visa versa, taking turmeric without ginger. For me, they compliment each other well to create a noticeable difference in my pain when I leave one out so I just stick to using them both daily.


To add to my morning concoction I sprinkle a ½ teaspoon of powdered cinnamon into the mix. As you can probably imagine, this has quite a powerful flavor when you drink it all down, but I try to just quickly chug this so I don’t have to taste it for long. Again, keeping cinnamon involved in this mixture has added real pain relief for me, so I don’t mess with a good thing. Stick with powder here as well, it absorbs easier and is more adequately utilized.


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