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  • My paleo buddy Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal was recently interviewed by Jimmy Moore. I’ve not yet had a chance to listen to it, but I’m eager to do so. Go check it out!
  • Dr. Eades hit the ball out of the park with Dining Out and Bad Fats. It starts with a funny story of restaurant disaster — and ends with an alarming look at what you’re ingesting when you dine out. It’s bad enough that canola oil — with that delectable “antifoaming agent” — is standard for salad dressings and light frying. That’s a good dose of pro-inflammatory omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, plus some artificial trans fats. Even worse is the partially hydrogenated canola oil used for deep fat frying. With that, you get omega-6s oxidized by the high heat, as well as a whopping dose of artificial trans fats.Before we switched to a paleo diet, Paul and

Question of the Week: Paleo for Seniors

This week’s “Paleo Question of the Week” was suggested by a reader. It is:

If you’re over 70, how has paleo worked for you? (Or, if an older relative or friend of yours eats paleo, how has it worked for them?)

We want to hear your answer in the comments! You’re also welcome to post a comment or question on any other paleo-related topic.

If you’d like to submit a question for an upcoming question of the week, please e-mail me.

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Modern Paleo: Paleo Notes on Chocolate

A few weeks ago, I posted the following notes on chocolate and dairy to OEvolve. As some of them might be of interest, here they are, with some editing:

  • To make unsweetened chocolate milk, just add pure cocoa powder to milk. (You might need to whisk or blend it, as it might not dissolve easily.) That’s how I make my hot cocoa — with just milk and cocoa powder. I find that the milk is sweet enough for me. (In years past, hot cocoa was just a delivery device for marshmallows. Ugh.)
  • The flourless chocolate cake I made for Thanksgiving — using the Cook’s Illustrated recipe — was fantastic. I used a pound-bar of 70% dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s (obtained when I was in California). Other than that, the cake contains only 1/2 pound of butter and eight eggs. You can also add 1/4 cup of liquor or strong

Paleo Versus Christianity?

Many moons ago, Jimmy Moore e-mailed me to ask me my opinion on whether a Christian could follow a paleo low-carb diet. Jimmy is a Christian, but his post included the opinions of many heathens, including me. (That was posted in November, and I’m just really late in posting about it here.) Here’s what I wrote in response:

I suppose that I’d say two things:

First, I don’t think that the Bible should be looked to — even by Christians — for dietary advice. That’s clearly not its purpose. It’s not a divine cookbook (except in some few laws). Its claims and metaphors about food reflect the habits of the primitive agricultural societies in and for which it was written.

Second, the Bible contains much worse things than bread-eating, such as stoning blasphemers, demands of death for gays, near-sacrifice of children, drunken incest, genocide, slavery, etc. Those things — not

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Modern Paleo: Welcome to Modern Paleo!

Welcome to the just-launched web site and blog Modern Paleo! I’m Diana Hsieh. (Hi!) Let me introduce you to Modern Paleo…

What will you find on Modern Paleo?

Modern Paleo offers writings and other resources by Objectivists on the principles and practices of nutrition, fitness, and health most conducive to human flourishing.

Here are the highlights:

  • This Modern Paleo Blog contains writings on those topics by people who seek the best that modern life has to offer, informed by a broadly paleo approach. It is managed by Christian W., and its contributors are paleo-eating Objectivists. (Christian will introduce himself in the next few days.)
  • Modern Paleo hosts three e-mail lists: PaleoBloggers, SousVide, and PaleoThyroid. The first two lists have associated blog carnivals, to help paleo and sous vide bloggers promote their work.
  • I’ve written a fairly detailed list of core paleo principles, each with a slew of links for additional

Amazing Gluten-free, High-fat, Semi-paleo Mac & Cheese Recipe

I grew up with Mom’s made-from-scratch, baked-in-the-oven Macaroni and Cheese, which was always a favorite in our house. I never even tasted the stuff from the box (that strangely goes by the same name but is almost completely unrelated) until college.

Her basic cookbook, then and now, has always been the 1963 Good Housekeeping Cookbook.

In more recent years, Mom has managed to track down additional copies of that exact same edition…
…and now my sisters and I all have our own.



The recipe presented below was adapted from the “Basic Baked Macaroni and Cheese” recipe from that cookbook.
Mac + Cheese is one of the things I have missed after going paleo a couple of years ago. I won’t say I never made it again, but I have definitely gotten out of practice, with a recipe that had become something of a specialty. After discovering gluten-free pasta

What Paleo Is

When I posted this image to Modern Paleo’s Facebook Page, so many people liked it that I just couldn’t resist re-posting it here. And no wonder: It’s beautiful, tasty, and paleo! (Click to enlarge.)

It’s by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites (Facebook and Twitter).

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My Paleo Story

A year ago I was 255lbs. My waist size was 44. I ate a diet of cheeseburgers, steak and potatoes, soda, and lots of dessert. I was tired all the time, out of shape, unfocused, I snored, I felt an unholy pain in my chest whenever I exerted myself, and I hated looking in the mirror.

After looking up Objectivism on the web for the first time I joined a popular Objectivist site and got on the chat room. I mentioned having a problem with acne and struck up a conversation with Rob O’Callahan privately in the chat room and he said that he was able to get his acne under control just by changing his diet. I was dubious at first but he explained some of the foods he eats and it reminded me of the Atkins diet, which is what my mom has advocated as the best diet …