• Here’s some interesting debate on the value of Vitamin A between Dr. Cannell of the Vitamin D Council and Chris Masterjohn writing for the Weston A. Price Foundation. Personally, I’m pretty solidly in the pro-cod-liver-oil camp with Masterjohn. I suspect that he’s right on the science, and personally, I’ve seen huge improvements in my overall dental health thanks to cod liver oil. Even more remarkably, the inflamed and painful section of my gums from last summer’s gum surgery is now only a tiny bit sensitive thanks to rubbing two drops of fermented cod liver oil on it every day or so.
  • Dr. Kurt Harris on The Only Reasonable Paleo Principle: “a food being evolutionarily novel was a likely condition for it being an agent of disease, but that novelty was neither necessary nor sufficient for agent of disease status.” See also The Paleolithic Principle: The Panu Version and Health and Evolutionary Reasoning: The PaNu Method. I don’t always agree with Dr. Harris on particulars, and I have some disagreements with these posts too. However, I agree with his overall approach of “duplicating the evolutionary metabolic milieu,” as well as his opposition to “paleo re-enactment.” And bonus, even Mr. Grok himself, Mark Sisson, weighed in with a nice post on When Science Trumps Grok.
  • I’ve begun experimenting with kefir-cheese. Fun!
  • Ari Armstrong gave the Health Nanny Statists a well-deserved spanking.
  • Ryan Koch discusses some complications with life expectancy data in Were Early Americans Really Living Shorter Lives?
  • Yup, I’m pretty sure that the standard American diet has turned handsome, slender movie stars into … well… something else. Good genes will only take you so far.
  • I love the little “re-evolve” icon on this Paleo Brands web site. (I’ve not ordered any of their foods, so I can’t vouch for them. They look yummy though.)
  • I’ve been experimenting with sleeping in total darkness for the past few weeks, so I’m particularly curious to read about studies like this one, even if only on mice: Artificial Light at Night Disrupts Cell Division.
  • Grrrr. A few weeks ago, Whole Foods has decided to stop carrying raw milk nationwide. From what I understand, their insurance carrier refused to cover it. So I don’t blame them too much, but I wish it were otherwise.
  • Here’s some good advice on keeping it simple in the kitchen. You don’t need that fancy emulsifier to make salad dressing, just shake a mason jar.


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